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Everything DiSC® Fundamentals





In this engaging course, participants delve into the world of the DiSC® model to enhance their interpersonal skills and workplace relationships. The journey begins as they explore the DiSC model framework and gain valuable insights by watching an informative introductory video.

Throughout the course, participants will deepen their understanding of their own DiSC styles, leading to a greater self-awareness. Personalized insights will be uncovered, sparking meaningful discussions among the participants about their discoveries.

But the learning experience doesn't stop there. With the help of the innovative Catalyst™ platform, participants will get to know their colleagues on a deeper level. In pairs, they will navigate to the "Your colleagues" page, spending a few minutes exploring the profiles of their peers. This exploration will be followed by one-on-one chats, where they'll discuss their continua and how these insights might positively impact their working relationships.

Moreover, participants will have the option to share their insights with the entire class, fostering open and collaborative communication.

To ensure continuous growth and improvement, participants will be directed to the wealth of tips available on the Colleague pages in Catalyst, encouraging them to apply their newfound knowledge and skills in their ongoing professional interactions. This course empowers participants to not only understand themselves better but also to build stronger, more effective working relationships with their colleagues.


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