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Five Behaviors Team Development Progress Session


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Welcome to The Five Behaviors Progress Program, a dynamic and results-driven learning experience designed to help your team continue to grow and evolve, building on the foundations of effective collaboration and teamwork.

In today's rapidly changing business environment, the journey toward strong and cohesive teamwork is ongoing. This program is carefully crafted to provide your team with the tools and strategies necessary to build on its previous successes and continue advancing.

Throughout this program, your team will:

1. Reflect on The Five Behaviors Model: The program begins with a reflection on The Five Behaviors model, emphasizing the five core principles of effective teamwork: Trust, Conflict, Commitment, Accountability, and Results. These principles will serve as the foundation for your continued journey.

2. Build on Your Team's Dynamics: Your team members will engage in assessments and activities to reevaluate their individual strengths and areas for growth within the team context. Building on this foundation, your team can take the next steps in personal and collective development.

3. Strengthen Team Trust: Trust is an ongoing effort, and this program provides strategies for further enhancing trust within your team. As trust deepens, your team's collaboration and communication will continue to improve.

4. Enhance Team Communication: Continued learning and application of effective communication strategies are essential for resolving conflicts, fostering commitment, holding each other accountable, and achieving extraordinary results.

5. Sustain Exceptional Team Results: By revisiting and reapplying The Five Behaviors principles, your team will ensure the maintenance of a culture that values teamwork, encourages accountability, and consistently achieves outstanding results.

This program is ideal for intact teams, departments, or groups who have previously completed The Five Behaviors Team Development Program and are looking to sustain and further build on their progress. The insights and skills gained from this program will not only lead to sustained teamwork excellence but will also result in a culture of ongoing growth and performance.

As you embark on this journey of continued team development, you'll have the opportunity to solidify and deepen your team's progress, fostering a culture of trust, collaboration, and continued success. Let's begin our exploration of The Five Behaviors and continued team development, working together toward ongoing excellence.


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