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Master Trainers, Facilitators, & Coaches

Since 2004, ACT One Learning has provided businesses with instructor-led training, facilitation and coaching services, as well as learning and development enterprise solutions.

With over 35 years of combined experience supporting people and culture initiatives, you can count on us to improve workplace culture, productivity, and leadership effectiveness and develop cohesive teams that get results.

Register for one of our public workshops or book a private session with eight or more people for your team.

Don’t find a course that suits your needs? Ask us to curate a curriculum or customize a program to meet your schedule and budget.

Want to deliver these programs internally? We offer learning and development practitioners certification, facilitation kits, and a secure online administration account to manage the assessment process from start to finish.

Don't forget!

Canada-Provincial/Territory Job Grants are available to employers to develop their workforce. Note: Grant amounts may differ between provinces and territories.

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