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The Fundamentals Learning Experience

Take the Assessment

Take the research-validated Everything DiSC® on Catalyst assessment and receive precise insights about your DiSC style.

Attend a Workshop

Everything DiSC on Catalyst equips individuals with strategies to enhance self-awareness and understanding of others, fostering increased effectiveness in the workplace and the promotion of a positive organizational culture. Through the delivery of personalized insights based on a user-friendly model, Everything DiSC empowers participants across all organizational levels to develop essential social and emotional skills, ultimately enhancing workplace satisfaction, outcomes, and interpersonal connections. The Fundamentals modules serve as a foundational resource, offering a comprehensive introduction to the DiSC® model and guiding participants on its practical application for gaining insights into both themselves and their colleagues.

Integrate Theory into Practice

Master integrating DiSC theory with the help of Catalyst. This one-stop, mobile-friendly, interactive learning portal provides on-demand insights, direction, and strategies for building confidence and competence in workplace interpersonal relationships.

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