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EPIC User Functionality

Updated: Apr 23

As the key authority in managing the EPIC account, the Super Administrator can establish numerous EPIC users, each with a unique username and password, to support Everything DiSC® and Five Behaviors® internal training and coaching initiatives within the organization.

Newly created users must accept the Terms of Use the first time they log in and are assigned one of two roles: Super Administrator (Super Admin) or Administrator (Admin).

A Super Admin can do everything in EPIC, including adding, deleting, and editing user information for other Super Admins and Admins. Only Super Admins can change the company's information.

An Admin can do Everything a Super Admin can do except purchase EPIC credits, edit the company's information, and manage users.

Colleagues Working on a Project

Having multiple EPIC users with individual logins offers several benefits:

1. Delegated Responsibility: Distributing user accounts allows for task delegation among team members, reducing the burden on a single individual, like the Super Administrator.

2. Security: Having each user's login credentials enhances security by ensuring accountability and preventing unauthorized access.

3. Access Control: Different user permissions can be assigned based on roles, ensuring users only have access to the features and data relevant to their responsibilities.

4. Audit Trail: Individual user accounts facilitate tracking and auditing actions within the EPIC account, enabling better accountability and troubleshooting.

5. Collaboration: Multiple users can collaborate more effectively within the EPIC environment, improving teamwork and productivity.

Overall, having multiple EPIC users enhances efficiency, security, and collaboration within the EPIC account ecosystem.

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