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The State of Teams: Insights into the dynamic nature of teams in the workplace

Updated: Apr 22

Ineffective teamwork affects your organization's bottom line. But there's a solution within reach.

Organizations have never been more team-oriented than they are today—in fact, over 60% of employees’ time is now spent engaging with said teams. But this surging emphasis on teams has complicated our work lives as factors such as cross-functionality and working remotely (especially in the wake of COVID-19) have disrupted old patterns and practices. Wiley Workplace Learning Solutions recently conducted a survey to investigate the dynamic nature of teams in the workplace—and how organizations are responding.

Email us today at for your copy of Wiley's latest report, State of Teams. This whitepaper shares the survey’s responses of over 20,000 employees, lays out where teams and organizations are struggling, and offers a proven solution for effective teamwork.

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