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How Self-Knowledge Can Improve Teamwork

Updated: Jun 1

Creating successful communication among team members is essential to boosting workplace productivity. As anyone who has ever worked on a team knows, successful and effective communication between team members is vital for success.

The recipe for successful relationships = Understanding of SELF + Understanding of OTHERS + knowing how to ADAPT.

How Will the DiSC Model Improve My Team’s Communication Ability?

The DiSC model helps individuals understand there are no good or bad styles and there are four prominent personalities, priorities, and stressors and gives participants insights into working best with all the DiSC styles.

With this knowledge, each team member better understands how to work effectively with one another in various situations; building relationships, getting buy-in, giving and receiving feedback, managing tension, or working on a project.

By increasing your team’s knowledge of themselves and one another, you are paving the way for each person to be a situational leader.



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