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Wiley's new Everything DiSC® learning experience called, Catalyst™

Did you know? In 2020, Wiley launched a new Everything DiSC® learning experience called, Catalyst™. The Catalyst platform is a single access point throughout a teams DiSC journey. It supports instructor-led training programs, coaching, and individual exploration. Supporting learning transfer and providing real-time tips for more effective interactions with colleagues.

The Everything DiSC on Catalyst Experience starts with Workplace, Wiley's best-selling solution. From there, learners can add to their DiSC journey by unlocking the Agile EQ™.

Now Live! Your Groups on Catalyst™. Your Groups is a simple, fun, and interactive tool available within each learner’s Catalyst profile. By combining DiSC® with actionable group insights, Your Groups helps teams build cohesion and adapt their behavior for optimal performance.

With Your Groups, learners can create and save groups to reflect their workday, plot each member of the team on the group map, get to know Teammates with customized style insights, shed light on group dynamics with the BIG PICTURE.

Offer Extended! Free upgrades to Catalyst until Dec 31, 2023. Any past Everything DiSC® or DiSC® Classic learner (English only) can upgrade to Everything DiSC® Workplace on Catalyst™ for FREE through December 31, 2022. Plus, we’re extending our free Everything DiSC on Catalyst kit upgrade! This means that any existing Workplace or Agile EQ™ kit holder who purchased their kit on or before December 31, 2022, can download the Everything DiSC on Catalyst Facilitation Kit for free! You can find the full details by viewing the 'About Catalyst: Written Overview' resource found

Contact Us Today! To request brochures for the Catalyst programs, find out who on your team is eligible for the FREE upgrade, or to learn more about the Canada-Provincial job grants designed to reduce the costs of third-party skills training for new and existing employees, or to request a quote for your team's in-person or virtual session.

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